Artist in Resedency

The Art's District in DTLA is undergoing a transformation. Warehouse studios with cheap rent are a thing of the past. Luxury apartment complexes populate every other corner of this gentrifying neighborhood. The Olive is no exception. But instead of isolating the community that gave this submarket its name, Amber Huntley-Ruiz (Director of Marketing for the Wolff company, the owner of the Olive) saw an opportunity for collaboration. She held a contest offering one lucky artist a 2-story loft apartment/studio with 6-months of free rent. The lucky winner would secure murals throughout the building - leaving their imprint inside and out. 185 artists applied and KF won. Securing an opportunity to bridge the gap between corporate and cutting edge, he used the platform to bring in other artists. Establish artists who'd given him a chance (Ralph Zinman) as well as his peers, striving to share their creativity and vision with public.

Michael FisherComment